Toronto Raptors: 14 bold predictions for the 2017-18 season

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11) DeMar DeRozan attempts threes 3’s a night at 33 percent

Every year, every single year, we talk about this but I swear this year is the year. The Raptors have finally made the switch to a modern offence that involves ball movement, meaning DeRozan is actually going to have the ball swung to him instead of having to create everything himself.

DeRozan’s three point shooting has been… abysmal in the past few years, but it’s mostly because he’s taking those shots above the arc and off multiple dribbles.

Although DeRozan shot 28 percent overall from deep he shot 40 percent from the corners last year, most of which came off catch and shoots. With the new offence, DeRozan should be able to get more catch and shoots as the offence swirls in front of him.

Also if known DeRozan shoots it well from the corners, then the analytics arm of the Raptors definitely do. The 3 is shorter from the corners and DeRozan is a mid range assassin, just a couple more feet on his jumpshot doesn’t hurt.

When Lowry inevitable starts running screen and rolls, DeRozan can get stationed in the corner where the defence can help off and he can punish them with a 3 or a pump fake drive. It’s a straight line to the rim from the corners and DeRozan is a deft finisher. He’s been working with limited space his entire career, so he should be able to figure it out.