Toronto Maple Leafs: 2017-18 Preview: Looking at the defence

TORONTO,ON - APRIL 23: Alex Ovechkin
TORONTO,ON - APRIL 23: Alex Ovechkin /
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NEWARK, NJ – JANUARY 06: Roman Polak
NEWARK, NJ – JANUARY 06: Roman Polak /

The Other defenders

Martin Marincin will be the seventh defender on this team, or he should be. For everyone wondering where Travis Dermott and Andreas Borgman are on this list, they should both start off in the AHL. Sure, it would be nice to see either of the teen’s play in the NHL next year with the Leafs but how enticing does it sound to have them both on the Marlies, and more importantly, playing every night.

If Rosen is the sixth defender that means whoever didn’t make the cut would either have to sit in the press box or play for the Marlies. This isn’t a bad option for either. Borgman is 22 and will more than likely feature with the Leafs at some point during the year. Dermott is only 20 and another year of hockey in the minors won’t hurt him.

I could be very wrong on this (And I probably will be knowing Lou and Babcock) but Marincin will most likely serve as the extra defenceman on the Leafs this season. He could be bought out, something that most people would like to see given his preseason, but then you have to sit a young guy almost every night.

From what Roman Polak has been saying to the media, it doesn’t sound like he is ready to return to full-time duty. The Leafs are required to rehab him until he’s back to full health, but then, do they go out and sign him? A slow defender who is bound to be slower after coming off a broken fibula.

If he does get a contract from the Leafs, it isn’t a stretch to say that he’d be behind Marincin on the depth chart.