Stephen Jackson rips DeMarre Carroll for his comments about the Raptors

TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 26: DeMarre Carroll
TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 26: DeMarre Carroll /

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson shredded DeMarre Carroll on ESPN’s The Jump and said he “isn’t good enough to have an opinion.”

Shortly after the Toronto Raptors traded DeMarre Carroll to the Brooklyn Nets, the 30-year-old veteran was outspoken about his time in Toronto and publicly expressed his issues with the Raptors’ locker room and how a “lack of trust” among teammates cost Toronto.

After a week and a half of silence, team president Masai Ujiri addressed Carroll’s comments on Tuesday, saying he would have handled things differently, but it appears Ujiri and the Raptors aren’t the only ones upset about Carroll’s comments.

It turns out former NBA player Stephen Jackson isn’t too thrilled about Carroll’s comments either, as he verbally eviscerated Carroll during Wednesday’s episode of The Jump on ESPN. Paul Pierce was also a guest on this episode, and, for what it’s worth, both him and host Rachel Nichols tried to stick up for Carroll a bit.

Despite their efforts, though, Jackson took the flamethrower to Carroll and said “he’s not good enough to have an opinion.” Once the full video surfaces on YouTube I’ll be sure to include it here, but in the meantime, here’s a video of what Jackson had to say courtesy of Raptors Republic’s William Lou.

Jackson was never one to shy away from trash talk during his playing days, so hearing him sound off like this isn’t a surprise. By the sounds of it, though, the underlying message here from both Jackson and Pierce is that unless you’re considered above a role player in the league by your peers, or, at the very least, well respected, don’t be shooting your mouth off after you leave a team. Or maybe this is just “Stack” being Stack.

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