Kadeisha Buchanan Opens up about Life, A Rio Bronze Medal, and What’s Next

Kadeisha Buchanan joins Tip of The Tower to discuss how she came to be, Canada’s bronze medal in Rio, the challenges of being Soccer Canada’s next big star, and much more!

In this exclusive one-on-one interview, Ryan Greco speaks with Kadeisha Buchanan about her upbringing in Brampton and Toronto, the challenges of being the youngest of seven sisters in a single parent household (1:25), and how soccer was almost not a reality for her (3:30).

Next, we discussed the pressure that comes with all of the early success she has been gaining on the international stage, and how she has been managing it since coming into the national spotlight for Canada soccer a few years ago (8:00).

Buchanan was also willing to open up about the now infamous slide tackle against Germany that led to a penalty early in their semi-final matchup, and eventually ended up costing Canada a trip to the gold medal game (12:00).

Finally, we discuss her experiences in Rio off of the field, including meeting Usain Bolt (17:05), before wrapping up the conversation with her thoughts on what Canada will need to do to get to the next level of women’s international football (20:18).