Top 5 GTA High School Basketball Players To Watch This Season

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Top 5 GTA High School Players To Watch This Season

The GTA high school basketball landscape has been shaken up considerably for the last six years or so, with the best crop of talent the world has seen in that time. The numbers speak for themselves since 2010: two number one picks in the NBA draft, along with another half dozen players that were selected later in the first and second rounds.

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Add in the recent commitment of Jamal Murray to the Kentucky Wildcats after a stellar 2015 as a high school senior with Orangeville Prep, and that list will continue to grow by June of 2016. But Murray is merely the starting point for what is coming up next.

If it were the marvel movie franchise, you would consider this newest batch of talent currently from Toronto high schools as ‘phase two’. So who is part of that phase two you ask?

It was hard to bring it down to just five, but I think it would be fair to say the potential all of these kids possess is that of, at the VERY least, division one potential in the NCAA. Some are even being discussed as top 10 NBA draft picks by as early as 2016.

So with all of that said, I now give you the top five must see high school basketball players that are either currently playing in the GTA, or are from the GTA…

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