Toronto Maple Leafs: 10 Storylines Heading Into the Draft and Offseason

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3. Will the Team Keep the 24th Overall Pick?

If the Leafs do trade any of their picks, it could be their 24th overall pick that gets moved. There are a lot of scenarios that could transpire like:

1. A team that does not have a first round pick like Pittsburgh, New York Rangers and Islanders,  St. Louis and Chicago.

2. A team may try to move up in order to pick a player they want who may be picked before they get a chance to. The Leafs did it in 2011 when they sent a first and second rounder to Anaheim in order to pick Tyler Biggs – we won’t go into too much detail about how that worked out.

3. The Leafs could try to move up themselves and use the first rounder and either a roster player or a prospect in order to get into the top 15.

In the last 10 years, the 24th overall selection has been traded five times (2014, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2007). Picks in the 20-30 range have been traded in every single year (most of the time by contending teams), so here is still a good chance to see the Leafs move the pick in order to order to get something they need for their future.