Portland Trail Blazers Have Fun with Toronto Raptors “We the North” Slogan


Portland Trail Blazers Have Fun with Toronto Raptors “We the North” Slogan

Prior to last nights overtime loss, the Portland Trail Blazers Twitter account decided to make fun of the Toronto Raptors well known “We the North” campaign.

All in good fun, the Trail Blazers quickly pointed out that technically they are the north too, since Portland is geographically higher in location than Toronto – albeit by the slightest of margins.

As if the Trail Blazers tweet wasn’t enough, the Minnesota Timberwolves kindly reminded the basketball world that they too are technically more “northern” than Toronto, since Minneapolis is 45 degrees north.

Following their 102-97 overtime victory, the Trail Blazers made one final joke of the Raptors’ We the North campaign when they used the hashtag #WetheNorthwest.

From a fans perspective, the Trail Blazers clever Twitter chirps were comical to read as they reminded me of the way the Los Angeles Kings Twitter account would poke fun at their opponents during the NHL playoffs a few years back. But to be fair, the Trail Blazers’ Twitter account did acknowledge the large number of Toronto fans in the building last night, as chants of “Let’s Go Raptors” could be heard throughout the Moda Centre last night.

After invading the Auburn Palace of Hills earlier in the season, the Raptors raucous fan base continues to travel well this season, showing support from coast-to-coast.