Top 20 Moments in Toronto Raptors History

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17. Lenny Wilkens sets the all-time loss record

Lenny Wilkens coached the Raptors to back-to-back playoff appearances. (Image Credit: Rant

In what was a disastrous 2002-03 season, Raptors head coach Lenny Wilkens fittingly defined the season when he broke the record for the most losses by a head coach in NBA history.

Oddly enough, Wilkens tied the record on April Fool’s day when the team lost 85-92 to the Detroit Pistons.

Wilkens would break the record four days later when the Raptors hosted the mighty San Antonio Spurs at home. Malik Rose and Stephen Jackson would combine for 55 points on 18-of-24 shooting, as the Raptors fell 98-124.

Wilkens all-time loss record marked the beginning of a period of struggle for the Raptors’ franchise, as the next three years were filled with losing season’s. Wilkens loss record more or less foreshadowed what was on the horizon for Toronto.