Top 20 Moments in Toronto Raptors History

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 1. Vince Carter misses against the Sixers

What could have been…

For Raptors fans, this gut-wrenching moment sparked a tidal wave of emotions. The sorrow of Carter missing the shot. The pride because the team made it deep into the Eastern Conference playoffs. The anger because Carter went to his graduation (yes, some people were – and still are – mad about this). The profound reflection of what could have been.

It was quite a moment.

Regardless of all the hate Raptors’ fans have towards Carter since his departure, there is no denying the passion, care or desire he had when he took the last shot in Philadelphia. His face after he missed said it all. It was crushing for both Toronto and Carter.

Overall, when you consider just how big the 2001 NBA Playoffs were for the Raptors, this play is easily the most memorable moment in Toronto Raptors history for so many reasons.

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