Will Arnett Tells Us Why the Toronto Maple Leafs are the Best in the NHL (Video)


Will Arnett Tells Us Why the Toronto Maple Leafs are the Best in the NHL (Video)

Normally, I don’t pay attention to celebrity endorsements.

I don’t use the same facial products as them or care for their politics.

Popularity alone doesn’t entitle you to patronize and bombard others with your views. People will listen to you when you have something intelligent to say.

I took a totally new perspective on celebrity endorsements, however, after seeing this video from Will Arnett:

He nails it right on the head.

This is why we love the Leafs, and this is why the Leafs are the centre of the hockey universe. There really is no comparison to the Leafs, their loyal fans or proud history in the NHL.

It doesn’t matter what ESPN or the other haters say. This is our team and our game. Without us, without the Leafs, it’s hard to imagine how the hockey universe would survive.

The Leafs drive this universe from the passion they generate in their fans and their critics. It really is a unique situation.

Overall, I remain skeptical when it comes to celebrity endorsements, but Arnett has given me cause for hope. If the Toronto native can get it right when it comes to the Leafs, I’m sure there are other intelligent celebrities out there, too.

In fact, I know of several of them off hand.

Chris Hadfield, Mike Myers, Neil Young, Kiefer Sutherland, Keanu Reeves, Howie Mandel, Alex Trebek, the Tragically Hip, Sideshow Bob: all of these individuals have achieved tremendous personal success and they’re all proud Leafs fans.

Coincidence? No.

As Arnett would say, the best stick with the best and that’s music to his Leafs fan’s ears. Now it’s time for some Hip.

(I could be wrong, but I believe both Rod and Doug Ford are Montreal Canadiens fans…)

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