Toronto Blue Jays: Jose Bautista Rips Steve Simmons on Twitter


One story, two takes.

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Jose Bautista could have easily overlooked the comment from Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons on Tuesday night. But, it looks like the Rogers Centre isn’t the only place Jose Bautista can hit hard, as the Toronto Blue Jays superstar ripped into Simmons’ via Twitter.

Simmons snide comments came just after the Kansas City Royals defeated the Oakland Athletics in a thrilling 9-8, 12 inning comeback victory in the American League wild-card game. Clearly alluding to Bautista’s criticism of the Blue Jays lack of activity at the July trade deadline.

Although some may not view this as criticism, the majority of Toronto sports fans know this was a shot clearly directed at Bautista.

And, well, let’s just say Bautista didn’t hold back in his response.

Once the dust settled and the tweet became news, Simmons attempted to dismiss Bautista’s tweet, claiming that Bautista himself did not tweet the reply.

Well, once again, Joey Bats slammed Simmons’ like a 2-0 fastball coming right down Bay Street.

Although no further tweets were exchanged after that, I think it’s safe to say Bautista won that little dispute.

Bautista – 2, Simmons – 0.