Toronto Maple Leafs Training Camp Day 1 Review


John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Maple Leafs opened their 2013 training camp on Wednesday with physicals and media day taking place. In case you missed the Dave Nonis and Randy Carlyle press conferences because you were hard at work, I’ve decided to provide the highlights…via the Tweets of others because transcribing isn’t very fun!

This isn’t from the Leafs media day, but since Eakins was in the Leafs organization so long and it made me laugh I decided it gets to lead us off. Is there anyway to get the media against you faster than *gasp* taking away their donuts! The humanity!

This is a tad concerning, it sounds like Nonis is essentially saying there will not be any more negotiation. The way he talked about Paul Ranger and Morgain Rielly shortly after made it seem as if he was sending a message to Franson that the Leafs are comfortable with their blue line depth, with or without him.

Uhhhh what’s that Mr. Nonis? I’m assuming trade negotiations went like this: “Have Dave, it’s Dean, I hear that you need a goalie despite that Reimer kid leading you to the playoffs for the first time since 2004…I’ve got this guy Johnathan Bernier, he hasn’t played as much nor put up the numbers of Reimer, but I mean if I could I’d rather keep him than our Vezina candidate Stanley Cup winning goalie John Quick, I’m telling you this kid is great, way better than that guy we’re keeping”

Well at least Nonis realizes this I suppose, it’s the little things really.

Whoa! Two quotes in a row from Nonis that actually make sense, I don’t even know what to make of this! Next thing you know he’s going to come to his senses and give Phil Kessel all of the money


On to Randy Carlyle…who was much less entertaining on the podium:

I’m going to assume if you’re threatening to hold out so you can get the contract that you think you deserve, you will come into camp in the best shape possible ready to set the world on fire and provide your worth. I’m glad Naz seems to think the same way.

I desperately want Morgan Rielly to make this team. I drool thinking of a top-4 of Phaneuf-Gardiner and Franson-Rielly, but if he isn’t getting ice time, it would be kind of ridiculous to bring him up. I’m glad that Carlyle is thinking along the same lines. While I think Rielly returning to the WHL would be  monumental waste, it would be an even bigger waste to have him playing only a handful of minutes a game.

Well that’s all for now, if anything else from the afternoon pops up we’ll update. Hockey is back guys, enjoy it!