Today In Barely News: Limited Edition OVO Blue Jays Hat


Have you always wanted a terrible baseball team’s hat with a patch that at least inadvertently refers to the playoffs that they will not partake in? Well you’re in luck! Via the Toronto Blue Jays Official Twitter feed, the Blue Jays are releasing a “Limited Edition” October’s Very Own Blue Jays New Era 59Fifty cap.

For those of you that don’t know OVO, or October’s Very Own, is the record label for Toronto music artist Drake. For those of you that for some reason are reading a baseball article but don’t know, October is the month in which baseball playoffs happen to occur.

While this cap is clearly meant to be affiliated with Drake, excuse this baseball fan for not being able to get past the obvious reference to post-season baseball (of which the Toronto Blue Jays will not participate in for the 2oth consecutive season).

The hat is exactly like a normal Blue Jays cap except for these very important distinctions:

  • Commemorative October’s Very Own ChromaFlex™ patch on right side
  • Original OVO and Toronto Blue Jays Packaging
  • It’s stupid

I understand why the Blue Jays want to co-brand with local star Drake, he’ll up the “cool” factor around the team I suppose, but this seems like a giant misfire to me. The October’s Very Own 2013 patch looks like some sort of playoff insignia, which would have been great if the Blue Jays didn’t end up being awful. Score this one a swing and a miss in merchandising by the Blue Jays in my books.

Oh and it’ll cost double what a regular 59Fifty from the Jays Shop does…sounds like a steal to me!