Today In Barely News: J.P. Arencibia Deletes Twitter Account


Today in barely news, Toronto Blue Jays catcher/hearthrob/hater of negativity J.P. Arencibia has deleted his Twitter account.

The deletion comes amind a season of turmoil for the Blue Jays backstop. In addition to the Blue Jays being out of contention despite sky high expectations entering the season, Arencibia has struggled to be even slightly below average at anything in the game of baseball aside from hitting the occassional mistake out of the park.

So far in 2013 he has managed a triple slash of .219/.253/.419 for a paltry wRC+ of 79 (100 is league average). Arencibia’s HR total gives him some respite in the eyes of the less astute/more casual fans that have been intoxicated by J.P.’s charm on Twitter, and his comendable work in the community.

Arencibia recently found himself in the middle of controversy after he started an ill advised war of words with Blue Jays analysts Gregg Zaun & Dirk Hayhurst. Arencibia even went as far as to discuss the “negativity” of the Blue Jays analysts, whom are simply doing their job, to team President Paul Beeston.

While the negativity surronding J.P.’s recent media related whining has been palpable, its difficult to see what he has accomplished by deleting his Twitter account aside from severing the one tie to his fan base that has elevated him to his current status as fan favourite.

I suppose he will receive a few less “Hey J.P., derp derp derp don’t strikeout” messages without the medium of Twitter to deliver them, and he’ll be able to come to the media today and say something along the lines of “I just want to concentrate on baseball” and have a couple of fawning newspaper articles written about his rededication to improving since juggling baseball and a Twitter account are so difficult.

As per Ben Nicholson-Smith over at the following is the last Tweets that Arencibia twittered to his 145,000 followers:

"“It’s unfortunate to see how words are twisted to make false stories,” ‏“I give way too much of myself to have others try and make me out to.. Something/someone I’m not,”“Solution. I make myself very accessible with constant charitable events, and opening up to social media for the fans. I will no longer be on twitter. Thanks to all the fans who support and praying for the others that hate. God Bless.”"

So there’s that. On a side note, I managed to get over 400 words in about something that’s barely a story at all, yay me!