Buffalo Bills get rare chance to make life tough for the Patriots

The Buffalo Bills take on the New England Patriots in a pivotal AFC East matchup where they can easily make a statement going into the playoffs.

It would be hard to recall the last time the New England Patriots had to play the Buffalo Bills in a game where they needed to win in order to ensure they get every advantage going into the playoffs.

Coming off an impressive victory where they clinched their berth to the post-season in primetime, Buffalo can really make their case to be a problem for a contending team in the playoffs. Of course, they will have to do something that has been a problem over the years, beat the Patriots in Foxborough.

According to USA Today, the last time a game was played with the division up for grabs was in 2002 when the Patriots played the New York Jets. Of course, the Patriots have secured a playoff berth and have one more game against the Miami Dolphins but you would hope that they would prefer to secure their position beforehand.

The odds for the Bills to secure the division are rather slim considering they need to win both weeks and New England needs to lose the next two weeks but crazier things have happened.

What’s more important for Buffalo is making sure that they do not stumble in the final weeks because they currently have a matchup against the Houston Texans and probably rather play them then the Kansas City Chiefs who are currently the third seed.

It’s also crucial for Josh Allen and the Bills offence to try and get things going considering they have struggled to put up points on a consistent basis. Saturday would be a good starting point to getting things going offensively and from there they can try to keep the Cinderella season going.

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Do you think the Bills can beat the Patriots? What will be the keys to the game? Let us know in the comments below. 

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