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Terrence Ross Dunks Over Kenneth Faried

The Toronto Raptors defeated the Denver Nuggets 100-90 on Friday evening, but it will not be the win that fans will be talking about. Rather, one of Terrence Ross‘ 7 buckets, specifically the one at the end of the 2nd quarter.

A pass attempt into the post swatted away by Amir Johnson, ball stolen by Terrence Ross, started the Raptors’ fast break. Terrence Ross’ came down the left side of the court, met Nuggets’ forward Kenneth Faried at the apex in the air at the basket, and a clean posterization dunk right over the 6’8″ Faried. A dunk that erupted the Raptors’ bench.

Talking about the dunk post-game, “I remember when I had the ball, he (Faried) had sprinted all the way down to the paint. So I knew he was kind of at a disadvantage, he couldn’t really jump as high and I’m coming at full speed. He still jumped pretty high, but at the same time I still had enough room to get him off me and still finish.” Terrence Ross said. “I’ve seen him block a couple of people where he kind of just waits and he’ll just run at you and try to get the block. I knew he wasn’t going to foul me, but I knew if I just try to go off hard enough he would probably not catch me.”

The candidate for the dunk of the year, that will likely be seen on many highlight reels to come can be seen below:

GIF of the dunk:

And finally the Toronto Raptors bench reaction to the dunk (which is almost as good as the dunk itself).



More post-game reaction from Ross’ teammates:



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