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Blue Jays "Offering" Colby Rasmus For Starting Pitching

Bob Elliot dropped a mini-bombshell last night in his MLB Winter Meetings notebook for the Toronto Sun.

Colby Rasmus is on the market and has been offered to two teams by the Blue Jays for starting pitching.

Coming off of a career year that saw him post a 4.8 fWAR season despite playing in just 118 games, this tidbit of news rightly causes the black hole known as Blue Jays Twitter to lose its collective mind. Could the Blue Jays really be looking to move Colby Rasmus, arguably their most valuable player in 2013 in order to upgrade its rotation? Could Alex Anthopoulos have that much confidence in the offensively challenged Anthony Gose to make such a move?

Well there’s two problems with this:

Firstly, while Colby Rasmus did have an outstanding 2013 season, it must be noted that he was rather not good in the two seasons preceding it. While the amount of “Good Colby” in his career outweighs the amount of “Bad Colby”. As DJF’s Andrew Stoeten noted on Twitter:

Secondly, Alex Anthopoulos has openly remarked that he’s taken calls on just about everybody on his roster. I would be willing to bet all of the money, that “just about” includes his 4.8 fWAR centrefielder for whom he has an in-house prospect on the cusp on the majors to somewhat replace.

While Elliot’s article certainly makes it seem like the Jays are shopping around Rasmus, looking for a suitor that will give them the return they desire, I’m erring on the side of caution when looking into that. Since when does AA openly tell reporters “I’ve offered player X for starting pitching to two separate teams”? Plus Elliot works for the Toronto Sun.

What in all likelihood occurred was a rival GM looking to move a starting pitcher or upgrade centrefield realized the Jays CF situation. Each of these GM’s called AA (or vice versa) and general ideas were bandied about. These opposing front offices let one of their beat guys now about the discussion. These beat guys then headed to the lounge where they slammed back a few beverages with their boy Bob Elliot and let him now AA was talking to their guy about starting pitching and Colby Rasmus was involved. Elliot then decided that a good way to get the ol’ fanbase riled up was to report this “dangling” of Rasmus for starting pitching.

Or you know, AA has proactively shopped Rasmus and leaked that info to Elliot and not someone who works for the same owners as him like Shi Davidi. I don’t really know.

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