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Toronto Maple Leafs vs Buffalo Sabres NHL Game 19 Preview, Start Time, TV Channel, Live Stream and More


Date: Friday November 15, 2013

Puck Drop: 7:00pm ET

TV Channel: Sportsnet

Radio: Fan590

Live Stream: NHL Game Center

John Scott Must Die.

Okay maybe that’s a bit much, but I mean do you guys remember when he jumped Phil Kessel in the preseason? Totally not cool guys.

Just a reminder:

kessel_testAnd as I’m sure we all remember, this little incident led to David Clarkson trying to be a hero by jumping off the bench in order to fight Scott, leading to a 10 game suspension.

The biggest question heading into tonight’s game has nothing to do with hockey and everything to do with who will get the chance to exchange face punches with Scott. The Leafs have stacked their line up with players whose face punching skills far exceeds their hockey skills, so the line is long. Will it be Colton Orr, the Leafs original face puncher? Or perhaps Frazer McLaren, the face puncher the Leafs inexplicably traded for because Orr was hurt for a couple of weeks? Mark Fraser might also want in on the action, although he does have a metal plate in his face so that might not be the best idea. Even David Clarkson probably wants in on the action since he hasn’t been able to make a meaningful contribution to this team yet.

Hopefully this fight to “make things right” gets out of the way early, and we can get on with watching hockey, and perhaps Clarkson will realize that scoring a goal on the hapless franchise will be a much more effective vengeance than sitting out for 5 minutes for fighting with a player that has no other use. Alas, my hopes aren’t high, this game will probably be chippy and awful.

With Nazem Kadri suspended for the next 3 games, the Leafs will be playing without their top 3 centres in this home-and-home with the Sabres. If they weren’t such an awful team, this would be more concerning, but it’s the Sabres, so if anything it will make the game slightly more entertaining as the Leafs skill down the middle will be near Buffalo levels.

Since the Sabres are an embarrassment, it stands to reason that tonight could be the night that the Maple Leafs finally outshoot their opposition. Currently on a 15 game streak of being outshot, it seems like tonight is the night for the Leafs. Ted Nolan will probably worry to much about not being pushed around by the Leafs and end up playing that buffoon John Scott too much, and the Leafs will take advantage. On the other hand, Randy Carlyle will probably match that with the face punchers and the Sabres will manage to outshoot the Leafs despite how bad they are.


The Sabres are awful, so even without their top-3 centres I can’t fathom the Leafs losing to these bums, they snap their goal scoring drought and light em up. 5-1 Leafs.


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