Rob Ford Wears Toronto Argonauts Jersey Amid Controversy


Rob Ford has been in the international news in recent weeks for all the wrong reasons. Toronto’s crack smoking, binge drinking, walking punch line of a Mayor just can’t seem to catch a break (not that he deserves one). What does this have to do with Toronto sports you say?

Well I thought you’d never ask! Mayor Ford, fresh of new and salacious allegations against him arrived at City Hall today in Toronto not in the business attire you would expect from the Chief Magistrate of Canada’s largest city, but in a Toronto Argonauts jersey (oh and cowboy boots!).

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with supporting the Argos, whom we all hope will “spank” the Ti-Cats this Sunday as Ford so eloquently put it, the comedy of Ford wearing a jersey amidst the controversy is just too much to handle.

Any press is good press as the saying goes, but it seems the Argonauts disagree. With Ford wearing his “Mayor Ford” Argos jersey while making particularly lewd comments on live tv that are sure to be broadcast around the world, the Argonauts released the following public statement:

The Toronto Argonauts organization is not in a position to comment on the manner of dress of public officials, the situation with respect to the Mayor and his leadership is unseemly at best. These latest remarks, while wearing our team’s jersey, are particularly disappointing given our organization’s work in the community to help youth deal with issues of bullying prevention. We hope for the benefit of the wonderful citizens of Toronto and this great city that this situation is resolved expeditiously.

Yep. This is real life.

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