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MLB Winter Meetings: Toronto Blue Jays & LA Angels, Trade Partners?


The Toronto Blue Jays have a number of holes to fill on their roster if they wish to follow through on their plan to contend in the 2014 season, most notably at catcher, second base, and in the starting rotation. Free agency is a rather inefficient way to fill those holes, which is why many expect Alex Anthopoulos to head to the trade market in search of upgrades.

Many teams are inquiring about Trumbo, a first baseman (where the Jays are well stocked), while the Angels prefer to trade Erick Aybar, Howie Kendrick (middle infielders), or Chris Ianetta (a catcher) where the Blue Jays are looking to upgrade.

It seems almost too good to be true, and it kind of is. The Angels prefer to trade those players, but with to do so in an effort to upgrade their pitching staff, not exactly a position of power for the Blue Jays.

While the Blue Jays may be looking to upgrade their pitching staff, the team does currently have a surprising number of potential Major League contributors that could sneak into a starting rotation. Would the Angels be interested in SoCal native Ricky Romero as a reclamation project (assuming the Jays pick up a large portion of his salary), or perhaps they’re interested in J.A. Happ‘s services? Mark Buehrle was the Blue Jays most consistent pitcher last season, but if it means upgrading multiple positions, would they be willing to part ways and eat money?

This is all of course unfounded conjecture, but you can see the possibilities. The Blue Jays and Angels are a match made in heaven, and perhaps a little divine intervention can see these two teams return to contention in 2014 with a little help from each other.

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