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Blue Jays Hotstove: Bautista to Phillies for Dom Brown?

It’s silly season in the world of Major League Baseball, and with that territory come the silly rumours. Howard Eskin, a real live reporter, with a real live job, and a heck of a lot of Twitter followers through this doozy out to the world last night.



Surely this couldn’t happen right? I mean Dom Brown is a fine player on his way up, but Jose Bautista is better right now and the Jays do plan to win right now, so it just doesn’t really add up.

Luckily before I spent too much time (or any for that matter) scouring through FanGraphs in an attempt to justify the trade, Shi Davidi (of Rogers owned Sportsnet) squashed the rumour.

And in came Jon Heyman to back up Davidi

While Mr. Eskin replies that the talks involve more than Brown from the Phillies (obviously), I’m going to err on the side of Davidi and Heyman and say that this rumour is pretty baseless. While I’m sure Eskin was relayed information, it simply isn’t good information.

Nothing to see here, move along.

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