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Tower Talk: November 12, 2013

Maple Leafs

Don Cherry seems to think that the Toronto Maple Leafs want to see James Reimer fail, and for this reason they’re giving him all of the tough match ups or something. [National Post]

After a rather below average start to his Maple Leafs career, Paul Ranger appears to be finally hitting his stride. With Mark Fraser back in the picture, Toronto’s bubble d-men need to be on their game or face relegation to the press box. [Toronto Star]

Leafs Nation has been abuzz with trade rumours since opening night, even more so now with two of their top three centreman on the shelf, but do the Leafs really need to make a panic move now? [Editor In Leaf]

Buffalo Bills

Doug Marrone held a fiery news conference on Monday where he emphasized that this Bills aren’t “rebuilding” and need to be ready to win now. [ESPN]

While they may not be rebuilding, the Bills could certainly use some more foundation to hold this thing together, and there’s no better place to find that foundation than in the draft, where they currently sit in position to pick 6th overall. [Buffalo Rumblings]

EJ Manuel has had an up and down rookie season. It was folly for anyone to expect an Andrew Luck or RGIII type introductory season in the NFL, but should the Bills be worried? [Buffalowdown]


75% of Toronto Raptors fans would prefer that the team “tank” this season…I hate to break it to those guys but if letting Demar Derozan and Rudy Gay shoot the ball like they have so far is tanking of the highest order. [Raptors Republic]

Demar and Rudy combined to shoot 17 of 62 on the night as the Toronto Raptors fell to the Houston Rockets 110-104 in double-overtime [TSN]

Blue Jays

The Blue Jays currently have 9 players that are out of options, which could lead to some minor wheeling and dealing before the season opens to ensure everyone has a home. []

The Blue Jays will likely increase their payroll this season, with the most desired target being starting pitching. Some are calling for multiple starters, but with the Blue Jays depth at the position I would prefer one very good one arm as opposed to a couple of average ones. [Toronto Sun]

The Blue Jays have inked a trio of Minor League players to deals. The contracts for Michael  Broadway, Jonathan  Diaz, and Marcus  Walden are all of the Minor League variety and all include an invite to big league spring training. [Jays Journal]

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