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Tower Talk: November 4, 2013

Maple Leafs

With Dave Bolland joining Tyler Bozak on the sideline for the forseeable future, the Maple Leafs chances of sustaining their hot first month of the season have dimmed considerably. Sapped of virtually all of their centre depth, they will be in tough until they start getting some healthy bodies. [The Hockey Writers]

The Maple Leafs limped home with their tails between their legs after Vancouver beat (and bloodied) them on Saturday night in Vancouver. The Leafs had been winning on the score sheet despite being outshot in 13 of 15 games this season, so it was only a matter of time before someone broke through against them. [National Post]

Nazem Kadri is about to get the chance that many Leafs fans have been asking for. With Tyler Bozak and Dave Bolland both out with injury, Kadri is the only centre on the Leafs roster with even close to the talent to rightfully play on one of the top two lines. Needless to say his workload is about to get a lot heavier. [Bleacher Report]

Buffalo Bills

Two turnovers that put 14 points on the board for the Kansas City Chiefs is what torpedoed the Bills chances of upsetting the now 9-0 Chiefs on Sunday, in reality the expected upset was all but over when the Bills announced Jeff Tuel as the starter. [Toronto Star]

The Bills lost, but didn’t allow Jeff Tuel to be sacked even once, which is a small victory. Also of note, the combined record of Buffalo’s next six opponents entering Sunday: 12-33. [ESPN]


Dwayne Casey has been adamant that he would not allow the Raptors to repeat last season’s disastrous 3-19 start to the season, and so far he has delivered with a 2-1 record thanks to a slightly more veteran presence to the line up. [Toronto Star]

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash could be traded this season and the Toronto Raptors are a ‘possible landing spot,’ according to a report. I don’t see how this could possibly fit into Masai’s plans to return this team to contention, so I’m going to go with it’s a made up “Nash is Canadian and Toronto is in Canada so he has to play there” type of rumour. [Sportsnet]

Just how crazy is the above Steve Nash to Toronto rumour? Raptors Republic has 10 things that will happen before Nash is in a Raptors uniform. [Raptors Republic]

Blue Jays

Can Brandon Morrow return to the form that had Blue Jays fans drooling at the thought of him toeing the rubber every 5 days? [Jays Journal]

Just what will Josh Johnson be worth in 2014? It’s really almost impossible to tell, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him return to form and toss a border line elite 200 innings, nor would it shock me to see him get rocked like he did all of last year. It’s going to be very difficult to assign a proper dollar figure to his contract. [Bluebird Banter]

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