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Tower Talk: October 25, 2013

Maple Leafs

The start time for HBO’s 24/7 has been announced, the critically acclaimed show will begin airing on December 15. Fortunately for us Canadians without HBO, Sportsnet has the rights in Canada for the show, so we can all watch the show through a legal avenue, unfortunately it also means commercials and bleeping. [Maple Leafs Hot Stove]

Morgan Rielly is here to stay with the Maple Leafs (for now), so what does it mean for the team and how the blue line will be deployed. [Editor In Leaf]

The Globe & Mail had a sit down interview with Tim Leiweke where they touched on a breadth of topics with the MLSE boss, none of which were in regards to how he’s once again allowing MLSE to embarrass itself with the ridiculous Bon Jovi banner that will now hang at the ACC. [The Globe & Mail]

Buffalo Bills

After Mario Williams signed his monster contract with the Buffalo Bills, many expected it to end in disappointment…half way through his second season with the club, it’s not looking too bad. [ESPN]

Speaking of Super Mario, the Saints have had two weeks to look at the kind of disruptive force that Williams has been for the Bills defense, so you can expect them to be fully prepared for what he tries to throw at them. [Sun Herald]

CJ Spiller may be forced to sit out on Sunday if his ankle is not close to 100% according to reports. [SB Nation]


Kyle Lowry’s injured finger will force him to wear a splint for 4-6 weeks, luckily for Raptors fans it’s on his non-shooting hand and he will be able to play through it. [Toronto Star]

Is the Raptors rebranding with Drake all style and no substance….well yeah if you thought Drake was actually going to “work” for the Raptors you’re a dummy. [Global News]

In a move that everyone knew was coming, the Raptors exercised their third year contract options on Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross. [CBC]

Blue Jays

Josh Johnson is estimated to get around $8 million on the free agent market. He’ll clearly be looking for a 1-year deal to rebuild his value in hopes of landing a mega contract next offseason. [Jays Journal]

John Niese and a non-prospect? Good one Mets. [ESPN NY]

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