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Joffrey Lupul Leaves Leafs Practice Early With Possible Injury

The Toronto Maple Leafs are set to have prized free agent acquisition return to the line up on Friday evening against the Columbus Blue Jackets following his 10 game suspension. The Leafs are finally going to get the top-6 forward unit they expected to have coming into the season…right?


Why can’t we have nice things? Ugh.

Please please please let this be Lupul being hung over or something…I mean it’s possible right?

If Lupul is hurt I might cry. Lupul has been the Leafs best forward this season, scoring 6 goals and 4 assists through 10 games. He’s done so despite a carousel players joining him on the second line. With Clarkson seemingly ready to stabilize the second line, Lupul was poised to continue to dominate.

Lupul’s dicey injury history is the biggest reason for concern anytime there is even a whisper of discomfort on his part. With a history of back issues, Leafs fans cannot be blamed if they are worried (okay we’re freaking out) that the team’s best forward this season could be injured.

The Leafs have been able to tread water through the 10 game absence of Clarkson, and was able to survive a minor injury to JvR, it’s not so certain that the team would be able to do the same in Lupul were to miss any significant time.



Hockey players are real dummies sometimes eh.

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