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ESPN NFL Week 8 Power Rankings: Bills Rise To 21

ESPN released it’s weekly Power Rankings of all 32 NFL teams on Tuesday evening and with their divisional road win at the at the expense of the Miami Dolphins, the Bills are moving on up all the way to #21.


10 sacks through 7 games is pretty impressive. The fact that Williams has continued his “peak production” into his first seasons in Buffalo is also a relief given his monster contract.  With a healthy(ish) secondary, Williams sack totals could continue to impress with less open targets for opposing QBs to dump the ball to.

At 3-4 on the season, it may seem like the Bills are ranked right where they belong in these rankings, however on closer inspection, they seem to be once again be getting the short end of the “respect” stick from the national media. In 7 games this season, the spread in the games has totalled 31 points. That means that each Bills game has been decided, on average by 4.4 points per game.

The Bills have been in every single game played this season, coming out on the wrong side more times than not, but just barely. If a team like the Steelers or Giants were 3-4 with a point differential like this, they would easily be 5 spots higher on this list, at minimum.

The Buffalo Bills have beaten 3 teams this season. Where are all of those teams ranked you ask? Higher than the Bills! That’s right, each and every team that has fallen to the Bills has managed to earn a higher spot on the power rankings. Most egregious being the Miami Dolphins, whom lost to the Bills in Miami, for their 3rd straight loss, yet still manage to come in 5 spots ahead.

Oh, and the team one spot behind Buffalo? Why the very same Cleveland Browns team that managed to dispatch the Bills on Thursday night football a few weeks back.

With an upcoming match up against the 5-1 Saints, whom are ranked #5 on ESPN’s list, the Bills have a chance to really shake up the rankings with a Sunday victory. Not only would they move to .500 on the season, but they could possibly still be ranked behind all 4 teams they have beaten this season, which might be some kind of record.


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