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Maple Leafs Morning: Anaheim Ducks(2) @ Toronto (4)


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Another day, another win for the Maple Leafs (and a loss for regression) as the Buds managed a 4-2 victory over the visiting Anaheim Ducks. Despite managing a pitiful 38% Corsi For, the Leafs were able to come out on top thanks once again to stellar goaltending and timely goal scoring. Phil Kessel scored 3 while Dion Phaneuf was the other goal scorer for the Leafs.

The Good

  • The actual shots on goal were much closer than Fenwick or Corsi would have you believe with Anaheim coming out on top by the slim margin of 25-23. So while the Ducks clearly controlled the play possession wise, they struggled to accurately pull the trigger, which can at least in part be attributed to the Leafs taking away shooting lanes.
  • Jonathan Bernier continued his stellar early season play. It’s still early in the season, but if he continues to stand on his head night in and night out, it wil be hard for Team Canada brass to ignore him, most likely as the third netminder (no matter how well he plays, barring an unmitigated disaster of a first half by Roberto Luongo and Carey Price, those two will be in Sochi).
  • PHIL KESSEL BABY. Good ol’ double chin Phil scored a hat trick last night, while playing in front of a group of children that have been diagnosed with cancer, that were his guests at the game. Too bad he’s fat, and awkward and can’t win amirite?

The Bad

  • Getting dominated possession wise, no matter what the SOG count ended up being, is not a good thing. A poor Fenwick and Corsi For leads directly to losses. It’s impossible to convince some people of this fact, but it will happen. You can’t depend solely on goaltending to get things down every night, it’s a long season. Luckily for the Leafs, David Clarkson and Nikolai Kulemin are both good players whom will be returning to the lineup to send guys back to the Marlies where they belong, which should help the possession game.
  • Not much else to complain about really, they did win after all, bringing their Corsi WIN(TM) for the season up to 7

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