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Tower Talk: October 22, 2013

Maple Leafs

David Clarkson and Frazer McLaren are both itching to make their return to the line up on Friday when their suspension lifts and LTIR stint expires respectively. One of these guys will make an impact at least…Nikolai Kulemin and Mark Fraser have not yet begun skating in their return bids. [National Post]

With the Leafs struggling, Randy Carlyle decided that team morale needed a boost, so they played ball hockey at practice. Need to improve that Fun Corsi after all which has been a real problem for the Leafs so far. [Toronto Star]

Mason Raymond was an excellent edition to the Maple Leafs, especially at the low price they managed to sign him for, but calling him the steal of the summer may be a bit premature. [Editor In Leaf]

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills went ghost hunting on Monday night. No that is not a typo. I spent at least 5 minutes trying to think of a joke relating to preparing for the Saints last week alas, I’m coming up blank. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

The Bills have struggled at times this year with their 3rd down defense, but that looked to change on Sunday against Miami as the unit showed great improvement getting the opposition off the field. [ESPN]

Bills’ rookie cornerback Nickell Robey introduced everyone to the “Florida Grind”, his celebratory flip into the end zone, which he showed off in the first quarter of a 23-21 victory over the Miami Dolphins, following his first career interception. [Buffalo News]


Demar Derozan and Terrence Ross both looked good in Toronto’s 2OT win in preseason action over the NY Knicks last night. The Raptors have really taken to the shot efficiency mantra, with their offense consisting primarily of threes and shots at the rim. [Toronto Star]

Tyler Hansborough did not want a piece of Metta World Peace last night, and who can blame him for backing down from a larger (and quite possibly insane) opponent. [Sports Illustrated]

Blue Jays

Hey everyone look, it’s a writer that has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about! John Farrel instilled a “winning attitude” in Boston? Something he magically remembered how to do after failing miserably in Toronto? Maybe it’s just his team had a little mor talent and a lot more health? NOPE that can’t be it DURRRRR. [London Free Press]

The Blue Jays are looking to the Angels to upgrade their catching position because that’s worked so well for them in the past. [Jays Journal]


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