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Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals Live Stream: NFL Week 6 How To Watch The Bills Online

Date: Sunday October 13, 2013

Kickoff Time: 1:00pm

TV Channel: CBS

Radio:  Buffalo Bills

Live Stream: Live Stream

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving and the Buffalo Bills are set to face the Cincinnati Bengals, and you know what that means right? Absolutely nothing, aside from the fact I’ll be stuffing my face with turkey while the Bills and Bengals face off.

Unlike our neighbours to the south, we Canucks like to get in our turkey and stuffing well before the crushing depression of a northern winter wipes out our spirits. With the long weekend and a Bills home game, it’s safe to expect a horde of Canadians to be heading to Ralph Wilson to take advantage of the fact they don’t have to work Monday.

After a disappointing showing on Thursday night vs Cleveland Browns, the Bills are looking to rebound back at home where they have been a much more effective team this season. Beating the Bengals however will be more difficult with starting QB EJ Manuel out with an inured knee. Thad Lewis has been signed from the practice squad to fill in.

While Thad Lewis may not be a quarterback that you want starting for your team long term, for a couple of week’s he may not be much worse than Manuel has been this season. Manuel has struggled while adjusting to the NFL game, and while long term he clearly projects to be much better than Lewis, the actual production today may not be that different.

One thing is certain however, Lewis will be exponentially better than Jeff “I probably should be tuning up my resume” Tuel, whom looked completely lost, and utterly terrible in relief of Manuel against the Browns. Why the Bills had faith that Tuel could step in for Manuel should something come up is beyond me, at least they (quickly) saw the light and decided to go with Lewis as the starter.

This is an important game for the Bengals who are looking to keep pace with the Browns (seriously) and Ravens for the AFC North lead. All three teams are 3-2 through 5 weeks of the season, with only the Pittsburgh Steelers not looking like a threat to win the division at 0-5.


The Bills can’t overcome Thad Lewis’ obvious rust, and the Bengals squeek out a victory 21-17.

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