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EJ Manuel Injury Update: Bills QB Sprains Knee To Miss 4-6 Weeks?

The Buffalo Bills lost EJ Manuel to a knee injury during their Thursday Night Football match up with the Cleveland Browsns. The team has announced that Manuel sprained his LCL, and will miss a “few weeks”.

The lateral collateral ligament helps keep the outer side of the knee joint stable, a sprain of the ligament typically results in 3-8 weeks before a return to action. Seeing as how EJ Manuel is a professional athlete, I assume he will be on the lower end of the recovery scale, due to the fact he plays professional football however, the team will want to be conservative to ensure he doesn’t pull an RG3.

With Manuel out for at least 3 weeks, and possibly more, the Bills will likely (please god) address their inadequate quarterback situation, which currently sees Jeff Tuel sit atop the depth chart. After seeing his limited action against the Browns on Thursday night I see three choices for the Bills.

1) They can go out and find a cheap, veteran quarterback who can come in and be a stabling influence for the team while Manuel recovers, ensuring that he doesn’t rush back. Jason Campbell would have been my #1 choice as he was mired third on the Browns depth chart, but alas Brian Hoyer went and got his ACL torn and will miss the rest of the season thus erasing any chance of Campbell coming to Buffalo

2) The Bills allow Tuel to play quarterback, but instead of actually letting him throw the ball, they just get him to hand off to CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson, Tashard Choice, and another running back we’ll have to sign due to the high workload we’ll be asking of these guys. Worried about the offense being too predictable? Well never fear, we’ll even take Tuel out of the game sometimes and just run the wild cat.

3) Fold as a football team. Seriously, given the option of watching Jeff Tuel under center throwing the football 25 times a game for 4 weeks (ahhhh thats’ 100 pass attempts!), the Buffalo Bills should just call it quits until Manuel is ready to go. Sure some Fantasy Football owners will be mad that we took away a bunch of Jeff Tuel pick-sixes from their team’s defenses, but this is my sanity we’re talking about people, you can’t put a price on that.

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