Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns Thursday Night Football Preview: Behind Enemy Lines with Factory of Sadness

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Tip of the Tower is part of the FanSided Network. With over 240 sister sites, we occasionally like to tap into the resources available and chat with our blogging brethern. Today we got the chance to go Behind Enemy Lines with Factory of Sadness, the FanSided Local Site for Cleveland. If you want to see the questions and answers Tip of the Tower did for them, head over here.

1) Brian Hoyer was lauded for his performance in his first start despite throwing 3 interceptions, and followed it up with another solid performance in Week 4, do you think he is the solution at QB for the Browns, even in the short term?

Hoyer has established himself as the short-term answer for this season in Cleveland. He, combined with Norv Turner’s play calling, has clicked with the rest of the offense. His quick release takes away some of the weaknesses of the offensive line, especially the right side.

His willingness to trust his receivers allows Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon to take advantage of their size, speed and leaping ability against smaller or slower players. He also tends to throw his receivers open instead of waiting for them to get open. While acknowledging this comparison is limited, some of his traits show his time with Tom Brady was worth it.

Next year Hoyer will have a first round quarterback to compete with. Based on this year he may even be able to hold them off for a few games, or even a whole year. Similar to the Drew Brees/Philip Rivers situation, Hoyer could hold off whoever the team drafts all of next year (Again acknowledging comparing Hoyer to Brees isn’t the goal there).

Even if this team is highly competitive this year expect a QB to be drafted, they are not afraid to make bold moves.

2) The Trent Richardson trade sent shock waves through the NFL, but looking at his stats he never really seemed to get it going with the Browns. Was this a national overreaction due to his status as a high draft pick? How did Browns fans feel about it?

It was an overreaction due to his draft status as well as his Alabama heritage. As the Bills have probably experienced, nationally moves that the Browns make are often scoffed at and derided, even if the stats show that it is a good move. In this case Richardson not only struggled with injuries, he also struggled to find holes, often just running into the back of his blockers. Watching veteran Willis McGahee, who is far more limited physically, find little creases for 4 and 5 yards is a breath of fresh air.

The week of Browns faithful were angry. Twitter was hilarious, we have a post up of all the different reactions. Browns fans may not of liked former President Mike Holmgren or head coach Pat Shurmur but GM Tom Heckert was almost canonized here, so any move to get rid of one his draft picks was going to start a fire.

As stats and analyst started providing accurate portrayal of Richardson’s struggles and then the win in Minnesota, the emotions died down quickly. Now most fans see that trade as a steal for the Browns, especially after Richardson’s performance against the lowly Jaguars.

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