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Blue Jays To Play Meaningful Baseball Against Tampa Bay Rays (Sort of)

Meaningful baseball. That’s all that Toronto Blue Jays fans really wanted. The chance to head down to the concrete monstrosity we call home in September and watch a few baseball games that had a point was a modest request, but it proved to be a task that has been quite elusive for the franchise.

Cue The Offseason. There were trades, and signings, and all sorts of pushing the poker chips into the middle of the table. The Blue Jays were suddenly not only contenders, but World Series favourites! 2013 was the year that we would finally get to watch meaningful baseball!

Worst case scenario the Blue Jays would be cruising to a Wild Card birth right? RIGHT!?!?!

For the first time in 20 years, the Toronto Blue Jays were headed to the playoffs, it was a foregone conclusion! Hell, I even purchased a flex pack for the sole purpose of getting first dibs on playoff tickets when they went on sale.

*slams head on desk*.

As we all know, that isn’t exactly how things worked out.

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Any Blue Jays fans that were not familiar with this cheerful sentiment were rudely introduced to it this year.  Everything imaginable went wrong, and it quickly became clear that the boys in blue would not be anywhere near contention.

That brings us to now, with just 3 games left in the 2013 MLB season the Blue Jays are 72-87. Despite this abysmal win/loss record, your Toronto Blue Jays will in fact be playing meaningful baseball games…just not  in the way that Jays fans had hoped when the season started.

The Tampa Bay Rays currently have a 2 game cushion in the Wild Card standings heading into tonight’s action. While this is clearly a solid position to be in with just 3 games remaining, the Rays are by no means booking their tickets for the one game playoff quite yet. There’s a chance that the Rays can blow it, and the Blue Jays can help.

A 3-game sweep of the Rays this weekend could be the cherry on top of the turd of a season that 2013 was for the Blue Jays. Playing spoilers while completely meaningless for the Jays, would be a nice treat for Jays fans heading into the offseason.

The games may hold little meaning for the Blue Jays, but I can guarantee that they mean a whole lot to the Texas Rangers, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals and their respective fan bases.

The Rays are a division rival, and while I certainly find them more likeable than the Red Sox or Yankees, I still would like to see them lose, because I’m petty and this is sports. In a lost season the least the Blue Jays can do is end the Rays season for us.

Get ready for some meaningful baseball.

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