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Kessel Suspended For Remainder of Preseason (Video)

The NHL Department of Player Safety has announced that Toronto Maple Leafs Forward Phil Kessel will be suspended for the remainder of the preseason for his attempts to cut John Scott down to size.

To me this is clearly the NHL wanting to look like they are taking this seriously by disciplining Kessel, but understanding that what Kessel did was in self-defense and really not that bad so he shouldn’t actually miss any meaningful games.

The suspension is completely meaningless, Kessel is probably actually quite happy to not have to play in the final preseason games. The odds of this deterring Kessel from breaking out the lumber next time a goon like John Scott comes after him are somewhere between nil and notta.

As Justin Bourne of theScore so aptly put it, Kessel’s suspension “carries with it the weight of a third-grader being sentenced to eating cupcakes for punching his bully.”

The only lasting affect that this suspension will have is that Kessel is now on the NHL’s naughty list as a repeat offender, meaning that if Kessel happens to throw a hit (ha!) that catches the NHL’s eye, or perhaps tries to cut another goon down to size, he may be the subject of discipline that actually affects him in some way other than a few extra days off.

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