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Maple Leafs Player Preview: Colton Orr

The NHL Season is quickly approaching, with that in mind we’re going to take a look at who is (likely) to be on the Leafs roster come October 1 in Montreal. Contract numbers via; Regular Stats via; Nerd stats via For the rest of our Player Previews go here.

With the ridiculousness of last night in the books, and everyone being a bit blood thirsty in the aftermath, it seemed fitting to preview one of Toronto’s very own versions of John Scott (aka a face puncher).


Colton Orr, No.28, right wing| 6’3″, 222 LBS | 31-years old.

ToT Approved Nicknames:

Orrsy; Face Puncher


9 NHL seasons, split between Boston, New York, and Toronto, 422 GP

Contract Status:

$925,000 AAV; UFA in 2015-2016

Career Stats:

422 GP 12 Goals 12 Assists 24 Points

2012/2013 Stats:

44 GP 1 Goals 3 Assists 4 Points

Nerd Stats

On-Ice Corsi -23.64; PDO 1054

Fightin’ Stats

For a compilation of Colton Orr’s work head over here.

You Oughta Know:

As a 17-year-old, Orr actually scored 23 goals and added 22 assists for the Swift Current Broncos of the Western Hockey League. Putting up 20+ goals in the WHL isn’t an easy thing to do, while Orr is terrible by NHL standards, he’s probably better than anyone that you know at hockey and would skate circles around all of us, something than many fans often lose sight of.

Looking Back:

If you had told me that Colton Orr had signed another contract with the Maple Leafs after his ridiculous 4-year $4-million deal Brian Burke signed him to had expired, I would have called you insane. The only thing that could make a tough guy making a cool million dollars a year more ridiculous? If you claimed another guy whose sole purpose is to punch faces off waivers and paid him a pile of money while your team sits perilously close to a salary cap crisis.

Over his 4 season in Toronto Orr has done exactly what is expected of him, which is to find the oppositions hired goon, and exchange punches to the face with them every other game or so. There’s not much else to say about Orr over the past 4 years, he’s scored at least one goal in each of his four seasons (including a career high 4 in his first season!), so there’s that I guess?

What to Expect:

Orr is going to skate on the 4th line with Fraser McLaren and some poor centre that will cry themselves to sleep each night wondering what on earth they did to Randy Carlyle to deserve this. Orr will occasionally find himself on the ice with some other meat head and they’ll punch each other in the face for a while before heading to the penalty box to sit for 5 minutes before they head back to the bench to sit for the rest of the game.

As long as Orr doesn’t cost the Leafs too many goals (I’m not holding my breath),  he can be safely ignored. I would much prefer his roster spot (and salary cap hit) be given to someone younger and more skilled that actually has an opportunity to provide a positive contribution to the team, but alas, this is the Randy Carlyle Leafs we’re talking about and it looks like we’re going to have a couple face punchers on our roster, no matter how redundant (and ridiculous) their existence is becoming.

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