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Leafs Players React to Brawl With Sabres

By now everyone knows about the shenanigans that took place last night at the Air Canada Centre between the Leafs and Buffalo Sabres. While we have yet to hear from the league about any impending discipline, the media has descended upon Leafs practice to give us their next day reactions to what unfolded last night.

While others have skewered Carlyle for sending Kessel out there, I at least understand what he was trying to do. There’s no way Carlyle could anticipate John Scott doing something as ridiculous as trying to fight Phil freakin’ Kessel. You always hear people talk about the honour and code among NHL tough guys, but as we saw last night, that’s only when it’s convenient.


Lupul grabbing Kadri, Kadri grabbing Clarkson, Clarkson jumping like a mad man, it’s kind of funny on one hand…on the other, it seems like the Leafs were awfully close to losing 2 top line players for 10 games (i.e. 12% of the season). Yikes.


Preach brother.


The Leafs and Sabres play a back-to-back on November 15th and 16th. Hockey players tend to remember things like this, and it might be the only time all season that the Leafs have actually expectations of Colton Orr and Fraser McLaren. Look for both of those guys to prove their “worth”.  Fireworks are most definitely sure to fly, although hopefully cooler heads prevail (and John Scott is in his proper place: the unemployment line)


This actually probably would have been a preferable result. If everyone jumped over the boards maybe Clarkson wouldn’t have been singled out. The suspension generally goes to the first guy off the bench I think, so maybe they’d sacrifice some scrub and we could’ve seen total pandemonium.


Blah blah blah, chemistry, pride, grit…while the brawl may have brought the team closer together, there’s no way that makes up for the fact that David Clarkson is going to miss 12% of the season because he wanted to (and didn’t even actually) fight John Scott. Ugh.



As per James Mirtle, the only player in the history of hockey to play more than 150 games without scoring more than 5 points was going to try to use his fists to punch whomever he could find in the face, because a player on his team started a fight earlier and got knocked out in the process. UGH.

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