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Tower Talk: September 17, 2013

Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs fell to the Philadelphia Flyers in a shootout last night at the Air Canada Centre [Editor In Leaf]

Shallower nets and smaller goalies pads are just a few of the changes that the NHL made this season in an effort to increase scoring, James Reimer has some theories on how the new pads will make goalies more vulnerable. [Toronto Star]

David Clarkson isn’t worried about the high expectations surrounding him after signing a 7-year $36.75-million contract this offseason with his home town Leafs. If I signed a contract that I could no way meet under any circumstances I wouldn’t be worried either really, not much you can do. [680 News]

Buffalo Bills

Mario Williams was an absolute monster on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, has the highly paid pass rusher finally found his groove with the Bills, or was Sunday a one game anomaly from a player on the downslope? [Bleacher Report]

Yes, it was only Carolina, the masters of blowing close games under the tutelage of soon to be ex-head coach Ron Rivera, but a touchdown drive with less than two minutes to go and no time-outs would be impressive against the University of North Carolina let alone the Carolina Panthers, so let’s appreciate this win for what it was….awesome. [Buffalowdown]

While he appreciates the heroics on Sunday, Doug Marrone knows that EJ Manuel still has a long way to go before he has “arrived” as the Buffalo Bills quarterback. [Buffalo Rumblings]

Blue Jays

Apparently the second wild card encourages teams like the Blue Jays and Royals to take more chances with roster decisions, because clearly after their offseason moves the Jays were looking to squeak into the playoffs as the second wild card team and not to win the division. If there was no second wild card the Jays definitely wouldn’t have traded for Jose Reyes, or the defending Cy Young winner in R.A. Dickey. If anything you would think that a second wild card would reduce the amount of risk a team is willing to take as the extra wild card provides a better chance of them falling into a playoff spot. [The Star]

The Blue Jays quite obviously need an upgrade to the rotation if they are going to be contenders in 2014. You should they go after? Chris Sale perhaps? (Note: YES PLEASE). [Jays Journal]

Speaking of contending in 2014, the Blue Jays must decide what to do with 1B/DH Adam Lind and his options this offseason, which given how he looked early last season is a miracle in itself that it’s even a question. [DJF]


My favourite Toronto Raptor of all time Tracy McGrady says that in retrospect he wishes that he had stayed in Toronto…and a single tear slowly rolls down my cheek. [Toronto Star]

The Raptors have invited 3 guards to training camp to battle it out for the final few roster spots with the team, among them is Julyan Stone whom the Raptors almost signed to a guaranteed contract earlier in the offseason before backing out due to health concerns. [City News]


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