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Blue Jays Place Encarnacion and Cecil on Disabled List

The Toronto Blue Jays have announced that Edwin Encarnacion (wrist) and Brett Cecil (elbow) have both been shut down for the remainder of the season. They have both been placed on the Disabled List.

At this point, shutting down the pair is in the best interest of the Blue Jays as they will want to ensure that both players are ready for Spring Training as they plan on contending in 2014 (for real this time, they promise!) Both Encarnacion and Cecil both received All-Star selections this season, with Encarnacion batting .272/.370/.534 with 36 home runs and Cecil managing a 2.82 ERA and 3.00 xFIP out of the bullpen.

Encarnacion is expected to have surgery later this week to repair the cartilage damage in his left wrist. With the season lost, it begs the question why the Blue Jays would even allow Encarnacion back on the field after originally injuring his wrist when this season was long ago lost.

With Jose Reyes still obviously bothered by the ankle injury that he sustained early in the season, it would be swell if the Blue Jays just told him to take it easy for the next two weeks so he can ensure that he is back to the 100% healthy Jose Reyes that we all expect. While hobbled Reyes was still a dynamic player for the Blue Jays, there was clearly missing something from his game this season. With the season lost, and pretty much any reason to watch this team over the next two weeks completely out the window, it’s really the least the team could do.

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