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Twitter Reacts: Bills Topple Panthers With Last Second TD

The Buffalo Bills handed the Carolina Panthers their 14th loss in 16 games decided by 7 points or less in Ron Rivera’s coaching tenure. If there was a team that was going to manage to lose to the kings of last second heartbreak themselves, it was the Carolina Panthers.

Bills fans were rightly estatic after the winning touchdown from E.J. Manuel to a wide open Stevie Johnson, and since we took to the Twitter-verse when Bills fans mourned a last second loss last week. It only seems fair that we rejoice with our fellow Bills revellers after the (amazing) Week 2 victory.


I’m still sitting in front of my TV in disbelief that the Bills actually one…could someone call into work and let them know I’ll be late?

I don’t want to say that this win changed the Bills culture, Carolina, and more specifically Ron Rivera, lost this game as much as the Bills one it…if I were a Carolina fan I would be livid that Rivera didn’t go for it on 4th and 1 and instead kicked a field goal…on the other hand EJ MANUEL AND STEVIE JOHNSON BABY.


I was in disbelief when Johnson pulled that move and ended up so wide open. I don’t know about everybody else but the entire time the ball was in the air (which by my count was at least 5 minutes) I couldn’t help but think “oh no Stevie, not again!”  

Nope, definitely not the only one!


Can’t blame anyone for thinking it was a dream, winning on a last second touchdown is just about the most un-Bills thing I can possibly think of. Although losing by less than a touchdown it turns out is the most Panthers thing humanly possible.

Why yes, yes they did!




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