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Report: Kadri & Franson Contract Talks Not Close

Good old reliable Bob McKenzie is back from his summer hiatus and updating us on the status of the contract negotiations between the Toronto Maple Leafs and their pair of Restricted Free Agents Nazem Kadri and Cody Franson.



For all of you Leafs fans that were hoping for a timely resolution to this ongoing saga this comes as a bitter disappointment. For those of us that realized Dave Nonis was completely inept when it came to managing the Leafs salary cap as there is absolutely no way you can get both of these guys under contract for $4,895,833 (the Leafs remaining cap space), this is just stating the obvious.

Kadri and Franson were essential pieces to the Leafs return to the playoffs for the first time since 2004.  Kadri broke out with 18 goals and 26 assists while Franson scored 5 goals and 24 assists for the Leafs last season.

I cannot think of a single reason either of these guys would cave into the Leafs demand to sign for grossly under their market value.

Aside from the obvious collusion that is probably occurring, how has a defense needy team like Edmonton not approached the Franson camp and offered a 3-year $12-million contract? It would not only be fair market value for Franson, but it would be virtually impossible for the Leafs to match if they also want to sign Kadri.

For anyone to think either of these guys is going to compromise and take a lesser contract than Matt Niskanen has is absolutely ridiculous…Good luck Mr. Nonis, you’re going to need it.


Bobby Mac has updated us on the negotiations:

Cue people confusing “is asking for” with “is expecting to get”. Of course Kadri is asking for more than he deserves, that’s how negotiations work. The fair price is somewhere in the middle here…which is still too expensive for the Leafs.


Pretty much what has been speculated previously. I don’t think Franson is being ridiculous in his asking (he’s really good), and can see why the Leafs are offering what they are (Dave Nonis’ unbelievably inept cap management).

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  • Tennis Newz

    I didn’t get how they expected to bring in $8.5M in cap hits with Bolland and Clarkson and still sign everyone else. I think Clarkson’s contract is pretty bad but at least they have him under contract for a while. Bolland’s a pending UFA who’ll play on the 3rd line who’s seriously restricting what they can do with Kadri and Franson. Not to mention they gave up 3 picks to get him. I thought Burke made terrible moves and signed terrible contracts (and he did) but Nonis has picked up right where he left off. That being said, signing either Franson or Kadri to a long-term deal at this point would be pretty stupid. Both have potential but have had one good season. In Kadri’s case he was even very inconsistent within that season, was pretty ineffective in the last 1/3 of the season, and disappeared in the playoffs.

    • Travis Bateman

      I agree. You can’t blame Kadri and Franson for looking for longterm deals, but the Leafs can’t even afford to sign them to short term deals.

      • [email protected]

        your wrong they have 6,400,000 + 4,900,000 = 11,300,000 before opening day of the regular season starts there is allot of options that the organization can do by then to sign both of them

        • Travis Bateman

          They need to squeeze both guys into less than $4.9-million of space, there’s essentially no way they get anyone to take a ton of salary off their books at this point of the game, so I don’t know what you expect them to do?

  • [email protected]

    if I was Nonis I would give Franson what he is asking for 6’7″ 220 plus with a very good offence game and a fearless defender players like this don’t just pop out of a box sighn him don’t let him walk if Kadri wont except the bridge contract trade him don’t let him walk for nothing trade him get a couple of prospects his ego is twice the size as he is they can go over the cap by 10% so there is money to sighn him would have to trade some one like JML and his 4.7 mil contract before the season starts lots of options but I would sighn Franson right away before they loose him next year our captain is a free agent trade him or let him walk I think Toronto has the best depth of defence in the league his minutes can be replaced easily by 2 or 3 defenders they have now I think they will regret loosing Franson so Nonis sighn him