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Tower Talk: August 30, 2013

This is the final Tower Talk of that horrendously boring (in the sporting world) month of August. As per usual the Blue Jays and TFC are way out of contention, and there’s not much else going on unless you enjoy subjecting yourself to the awfulness that is preseason football. On to September!

Blue Jays

There’s no doubt that the Blue Jays season has been a frustrating one, but what could have been for this Blue Jays season? [National Post]

Injuries have led the Blue Jays to fill their roster with call-ups from Triple-A Buffalo, and those call-ups have been flashing the leather since their arrival. Although I can’t decide if I think Kevin Pillar is good defensively, or if he’s average and just looks super human after seeing Melky out there all season. [Globe & Mail]

With the season lost, some Jays fans have already turned to some draft day dreaming. [Jays Journal]

If you’re already dreaming of draft day, you perhaps should more importantly be dreaming of that draft day budget, which unlike the top prospects, won’t change dramatically between now and the draft. [Jays Journal]

Blue Jays top catching prospect A.J. Jimenez has once again be sidelined with a nerve irritation in his elbow. He has previously missed time with this same ailment, but hopes to be healthy in days as opposed to weeks. [Bluebird Banter]


The NFL is a league where you can pick at each and every team to decide why that team sucks, which is why Deadspin went ahead and did that about every team. Up now? The Buffalo Bills of course! [Deadspin]

At the rate that Buffalo Bills players have dropped with injuries throughout the preseason it should be considered a successful season if they make it through all 16 games of the regular season without losing every player. []

To say Matt Leinart struggled in his Buffalo Bills début may be a slight understatement, but I don’t know if you can really blame him after his lack of practice before hand. The Bills got absolutely stomped, but who cares it was Week 4 of the preseason. [ESPN]

Maple Leafs

Nazem Kadri isn’t speaking to the media until he signs a contract, which after the way people over reacted to his last sound bite can you really blame him? [City News]

In case you’ve missed it, Tip of the Tower has begun it’s Maple Leafs Player Preview Series. Thus far we’ve dealt with besties Phil Kessel and Tyler Bozak. Check back almost daily for the latest! [Tip of the Tower]

The Maple Leafs current salary cap crunch might be an ominous sign for the upcoming contract negotiations for pending UFAs Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf. Let’s hope that the salary cap goes up, and in a hurry for the Leafs. [Editor In Leaf]


The playoffs are out of reach for the Toronto FC (again), so the team is looking to have a strong finish to the year so as to not make the fan base even more crushingly depressed than they are. [TSN]

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