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Tower Talk: August 29, 2013

Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays laid a beat down on the New York Yankees last night, getting to #HIROK early and often. A mix of timely hitting, good enough pitching, and spectacular defense showed a small glimpse of what Jays fans wanted to see all year. After a game when they did pretty much everything right, Jays fans could finally take a night off from complaining right? I’m sure fans will find something to complain about…maybe the team ruining their draft slot or something. [Bluebird Banter]

Ryan Goins has impressed thus far in his Major League career. He has collected hits in each game he has played, and has looked right at home playing a position he had taken minimal reps at this season in Triple-A. Looks like the Blue Jays may have developed themselves a player eh John Farrell? [National Post]


It could be Tuel Time in Buffalo if EJ Manuel is unable to go in Week 1 against the Patriots, so the Bills are facing a dilemma heading into tonight’s Preseason finale. Do they give Tuel as many reps as possible in order to maximize his comfort in the offense and risk yet another QB injury or do they rest him like they will most other starters in order to protect his health? [Bleacher Report]

What should you be watching for from the Bills in their Preseason finale? Well you have to click on to find out. [ESPN]

Doug Marrone said Monday that he plans on starting Jeff Tuel in Week 1 *cough*BLUFF*cough*, and if he does Mike Leach is curious as to how the Washington State product performs. Tuel went 4-22 in his college career, which is kind of awful. No offense Jeff Tuel, but I think I’d be happier if you never take a single snap for the Bills. [ESPN]


What Terrence Ross can become has been a hot topic among Raptors fans so far this offseason (we haven’t had much else to talk about). Raptors Republic hypothesizes about Ross’ potential as a “3 & D” wing player a la Bruce Bowen. I think Ross can be a little more than that due to his freakish athleticism, but there would be nothing at all wrong with a Bowen-esque career. [Raptors Republic]


It’s Labour Day weekend and that means a full schedule of CFL action. Check out previews of every game, there are several intriguing matchups despite the lack of “Labour Day classics”.  [Toronto Star]

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