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Tower Talk: August 20, 2013

Blue Jays

With Munenori Kawasaki returning to the Blue Jays roster from the Paternity List, the team had to make room for him on the 25-man roster by optioning Thad Weber, fortunately (kind of?) for Thad, the Jays play a doubleheader today and are granted a 26th roster spot for the day, therefore after being optioned, Weber was immediately recalled. Unfortunately for Weber, barring an injury, he’s heading to Buffalo tomorrow. []

With nothing new to talk about because of an off day, we can instead look back at the week that just happened, if you really want to relive it. [Jays Journal]

Canadian rapper RationaL, the artist behind “Swing & A Belt” the tribute to Tom Cheek but out a call for old Blue Jays merch to be used in the Swing & A Belt music video being shot in Toronto today. It’s probably too late to offer up your stuff, but be excited for this video to come out…it will be sure to give us a healthy dose of nostalgia to drown away the sorrows of this season.

Maple Leafs

So apparently Nazem Kadri is the only player in the NHL that is fully confident in his abilities as a hockey player. It is his belief in his talent that is preventing him from signing a contract with the Leafs. You see, he wants to be paid consummate to his production, whereas the Leafs are trying to lowball him because their GM foolishly threw away all of the accumulated cap space they had available. It’s always a case of professional journalism when no sources are cited, and opinions are foisted upon parties that were not talked to anywhere within the article. Great job Toronto Sun, keep it up. [Toronto Sun]


Today in good news: it looks as if star WR Stevie Johnson will make his first appearance of the preseason this Saturday against the Washington Redskins. Johnson had missed the first two games as a precaution with a tight hamstring. [TSN]

For better or for worse, it is likely that Kevin Kolb will be the starting QB for the Buffalo Bills in Week 1 versus the Patriots. What does Kolb need to do in order to be successful? Before I start analyzing his game tape I’m going to let him play more than one half of a preseason game, but Bleacher Report steps up and takes a look at what was wrong with his first start. [Bleacher Report]

Nigel Bradham is likely going to be suspended after he was issued a ticket in regards to the possession of marijuana. I think that suspending an NFL player  based on the use of recreational marijuana is ridiculous, but those are the rules and Bradham, broke them, so it’s off to see Officer Goodell for his punishment. [BuffalowDown]


Danny Koevermans, TFC’s oft-injured Designated Player, told Dutch agency Sport Promotion Consultancy he’s hoping to return to the Netherlands at the conclusion of his MLS contract in December. Which to me doesn’t make a huge difference for TFC as he has rarely been match fit, but it will be difficult to replace his talent. [Toronto Sun]

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