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Tower Talk: August 6, 2013

In cased you missed it yesterday, Tip of the Tower is looking for writers to join our staff. So if you or someone you know would be interested in writing a couple of blog posts a week about their favourite Toronto sports team, send them this way. No experience is necessary, we’re just looking for people who can form an opinion and express it in an intelligent way!

Blue Jays

The Blue Jays took the series opener last night against the Seattle Mariners in what seemed like a home game for the blue birds in northern Washington

Jay Blue updates us on a not so succesful, at least team wise, day for the Blue Jays minor league affiliates over at Jays Journal.

Also at Jays Journal Alex Dineley recaps the past week for the Blue Jays, if reliving that torture is something you’re into!

Dave Burrows explains why Safeco Field is the best place for Blue Jays fans to take in a game, and after reading this piece I’m already excited about a trip to the west coast next season to take in a game at Safeco!B

Bluebird Banter executes on an idea that I had but was far too lazy to put into action by reviewing the seasons of the Blue Jays Top 20 prospects, something to keep your mind away from the on field product.

Maple Leafs

All seems to be quiet over in Leaf land, hopefully this means they’re hard at work putting together some sort of magic trick to get both Nazem Kadri and Cody Franson in under the cap. ICYMI yesterday I wrote about what kind of contract we should be expecting for Mr. Kadri.


The Toronto Star had Amir Johnson among others go over and judge the 150 submissions for a new Raptors logo/design that they solicited from readers after Tim Leiweke announced a possible rebranding (note: I think they all suck).

Raptors Republic asks if Rudy Gay is overrated, a reputation that has followed the Raptors swingman for years. It’s actually getting to the point where people talk about how he’s overrated so much they forget he is still very very good.


At Sports Illustrated, Grant Wahl tells us that Toronto FC was one of 3 clubs, along with the Seattle Sounders and LA Galaxy, that Clint Dempsey was willing to accept a transfer too. I’m going to assume that TFC passed on the opportunity due to other lines in the water and not due to the money since Tim Leiweke assured TFC fans that MLSE would open their pocketbooks to inject talent into this team.

Buffalo Bills

Gregg Rosenthal at updates us on EJ Manuel’s play in last night’s scrimmage. After starting slowly with a couple of INTs the young QB rebounded nicely, making several nice throws, including 2 for TDs. I’m becoming more and more convinced that Manuel will be the guy under center come kick-off in Week 1.

ESPN tells us that the Bills are still hopeful to sign CB Jairus Byrd. It would be delightful if this was sooner rather than later, if Byrd is in the lineup against New England in Week 1, it would be ideal if he didn’t have any rust showing.


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