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Tower Talk: August 2, 2013 Josh Johnson Still Sucks!

It’s the Friday of a long weekend (at least here in the Great White North), so you and me both know that means you need to find something to do to waste away your day while waiting for the sweet release of freedom, and what better way is there to waste time than catching up on all of your Toronto sports news from across the interwebs.

Blue Jays

Well we might as well get this out of the way, yesterday for Jays Journal I wrote about Josh Johnson‘s season and how I thought he was poised to regress to the mean (in a good way)…yeah about that.

Over at Jays Journal Alex Dineley asks if Alex Anthopolous’ ‘mystique’ is wearing off after a dud of a trade deadline and disaster of a season. I’m going to go with not quite, seeing as how he managed to get Jose Reyes and the defending Cy Young winner in Blue Jays uniforms. That’s right…JOSE REYES PLAYS FOR THE BLUE JAYS!

Melky Cabrera was sent to the Disabled List and the Blue Jays recalled Neil Wagner as per Bluebird Banter. Serious question: Does Melky continue to have these ‘nagging’ injury problems if he doesn’t flunk that drug test? I don’t believe PEDs magically make you a good baseball player, but if they allow an already good baseball player to stay healthy and fresh?

Maple Leafs

The Leafs offseason acquisition and Stanley Cup champion David Bolland was in Mimico with the Stanley Cup on Thursday for his ‘day with the cup’. A current Leafs player, in Toronto, with the Stanley Cup was just too much for logic to prevail, instead we got this:


Insert your own crack/Leafs joke here” ____________


At RaptorsHQ they take a look at the offseason assesments handed to Toronto by Chad Ford and Bill Simmons. They reviews weren’t glowing, but there wasn’t much to be done in Raptor Land, so over here we’ll wait until after next offseason before making any kind of judgement on Ujiri’s work.

Missed this before, but if you need a podcast fix, Raptors Republic talked with their Detroit Pistons counterpart about what exactly the Raps can expect from Austin Daye

The Toronto Sun informs us that Jamie Robinson is handling the transition from Cornerback to Linebacker quite well. Good news going forward for the Boatmen.


The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle looks at Fred Jackson and his new “role” with the Bills following CJ Spiller’s emergence throughout the 2012 season.

Buffalo Rumblings gives us an update on the early training camp position battles. (#TeamEJ!)

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