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Tower Talk: July 31, 2013 MLB Trade Deadline Edition

It’s the non-waiver trade deadline this afternoon for Major League Baseball, that means that it’s the click baitiest time of year. I’m as guilty as the next person of overindulging in the crazy rumours that fly around at this time of year. Let’s just hope the Blue Jays do something (literally anything) so we have something real and concrete to talk about.

Blue Jays

Speaking of rumours, MLB Trade Rumours tells us that the Blue Jays are shopping Melky Cabrera and Emilio Bonifacio. I can see why an NL team would buy on Bonifacio because of his versatility, but the Melk Man? Good luck with that AA.

Over at DJF, Stoeten takes a look forward to next season and what the Blue Jays will have to do to fix their moribund rotation. I say let’s stay the course, let reinforcements return from injury and hope for some regression towards the mean for R.A. Dickey and Josh Johnson.

Also at DJF, Stoeten linked over to an segment in which the Blue Jays talk about their choices for walk up music. Gives you a little something in order to avoid the realization that the Blue Jays probably aren’t doing anything major today.

Kyle Franzoni at Jays Journal speculates that the Blue Jays may find a dance partner in the LA Angels in their quest to upgrade second base with Erick Aybar and Howie Kendrick seemingly available. Given that the Blue Jays already have a cast off angel manning the two bag, whom looks to be turning it around at the plate over the last month or so, I would have to put this in the not likely category.

Brandon Kennedy of the Toronto Star breaks down who is on the block for the Blue Jays headed into the deadline this afternoon, and lists potential suitors for each. If AA can pull this off right, he can really stock the cupboard with some mid-level prospects while not affecting the Jays plans to contend in 2014.

Maple Leafs

Kevin McGran at the Toronto Star informs us of David Bolland’s plans to hold a “Stanley Cup Parade” in Toronto. Maybe he should call up his new boss Tim Leiweke, I hear he has some great routes planned out.

As we told you here at Mark Fraser Signs With Maple Leafs” href=”” target=”_blank”>ToT, Mark Fraser and the Leafs avoided arbitration yesterday, signing a 1 year contract.


Raptors Rapture gives us some off season reading with a profile on Terrence Ross, imploring the second year swing man to be more aggressive this season.


So it turns out that this Zach Collaros kid can really play some football eh? The young QB shone in his first ever CFL start.


Walking The Red tells us that TFC have reportedly signed Swiss left-back Jonas Elmer. Elmer currently plays for FC Winterthur in the Swiss second division.


Rejoice! Mario Williams is back at camp with the Buffalo Bills! When he actually laces up his cleats and gets on the field however, remain in question

Gregg Rosenthal at tells us that Kevin Kolb has been struggling early in training camp. In the piece he gives us an interesting tidbit, noting that Kolb is dealing with more complex defensive looks than rookie quarterback EJ Manuel early in camp. Which has led to speculation (by me) that the Bills are setting Kolb up for failure to allow Manuel to “win” the job.











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