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Tower Talk: July 27-28 Weekend Edition - Toronto Sports News

An exciting weekend for Toronto sports fans (but not really at all). The Blue Jays finally got back into the win column taking 3 of 4 from the hapless Astros, while it was a slow weekend for the Leafs and Raptors.

Blue Jays

John Lott looks at Jose Bautista’s latest ejection. The fascination with Jose  Bautista’s relationship with umpires never ceases to amaze me. David Ortiz went postal on a bullpen phone and I really doubt Boston fans are reacting half as negatively  as Jays fans will to this.

Tom Dakers at BlueBird Banter looks at and properly notes the ridiculousness of the Justin Morneau to Toronto rumours that just don’t seem to want to die.

Mike Wilner writes about Tom Cheek’s Hall of Fame moment this weekend. Of all the Tom Cheek tributes that were out there this weekend if you were to read one, this is it.

Maple Leafs

TSN is reporting that Mark Fraser and the Toronto Maple Leafs remain far apart on contract terms heading into their upcoming arbitration hearing. Here’s to hoping that the arbitrator settles on the Leafs side of things.

Mike Denroche over at Bleacher Report reminds us that Advanced Stats don’t paint the rosiest of pictures for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Hopefully the changes made by Dave Nonis this season will turn these stats around (don’t hold your breath though).

Justin Bieber gets super jacked up because the Leafs gave him an autographed stick. Aside from his friends sucking, this is pretty much how I’d react, so score one for the Biebs.

Darren Dreger reports that the Leafs are looking into trade possibilities for Cody Franson. Considering that Franson was one of the Leafs most effective defensemen, this is quite depressing, although given the lack of salary cap space, this is kind of inevitable.


Joe Casciaro at RaptorBlog does some early projections for the Raptors depth chart. Although it’s early and things can really change, he’s pretty spot on with this.

Brian Boake at Raptors Rapture takes a look at the speculation around Quincy Acy and his potential move to small forward. After his summer league stint I think he can handle the change defensively, but offensively he will be even more limited than he already is at PF.


The Globe & Mail tells us that the BIlls will play whoever gives them the best chance to win. Not that it means anything this early in training camp, but on the first day it was Kevin Kolb that was initially taking first team snaps.

TSN reports that Bills highly paid defensive star Mario Williams sat out the first day of training camp with a sore foot. It’s the first day, so no need to panic…yet.

James Kriger at BuffaLowDown asks if you’re experiencing any symptoms of the Byrd Flu. The Bills defense might make more than a few fans ill if Byrd doesn’t report before the season starts.

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